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10 CBD Sugar Packs/25mg each

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10 Pack CBD Sugar/25mg each
Part Number: 659438816303

Add some CBD to your morning routine for a different kind of energy with CBD Sugar!  Raw Turbinado sugar with 25mg full-spectrum, hemp derived CBD powder in a convenient, single serving packet that is perfect for on the go.   Each packet is individually wrapped for freshness and convenience with no other additives or preservatives, just natural goodness. 

  • Mixes effortlessly into your favorite beverage.

  • Symptom Relief - Many people find that CBD helps relieve pain, anxiety, inflammation and promotes a calm sense of wellbeing.

  • Supports Energy Levels - Full Spectrum Hemp CBD has been the subject of many clinical studies for its many properties including increased energy.

  • Perfect Maintenance or Starter Dose:  For many people, 25mg of CBD is the perfect dose.  It’s a great starting dose for someone new to CBD and a great way to determine your proper dose.  

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